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Autumn in the Okanagan has been beautiful and made up for an incredibly smoky summer. Outdoor activities and barbeques continue to be popular on weekends. As we approach October and November, it is important to have a waterproof and weather resistant deck. Moisture and weather temperatures can change quickly ….are you ready for rain and snow?

Weather proofing your deck is important whether you have a wood, vinyl or other covering deck. Let Deck Doctor show you how! We have the solutions to provide you with a deck that will not leak, provide moisture and weather resistance, and even have you enjoying your outside space year round.

The most important aspects of having a properly winterproof deck are adequate slope on the deck to drain water away from the house and foundation. On vinyl decks, do a visual inspection around the entire parameter of the deck to make sure the vinyl is not coming away from any edges. In addition, make sure that all railing posts are properly secured and there is no rot in the wood at posts locations as this would indicate a leak in the vinyl and can cause a guard rail failure. It is also important to inspect all vinyl seams to ensure they have a water-tight seal. If your deck membrane is nearing the end of its serviceable use, it is prudent to replace it to prevent any structural rot in the deck framing.

If you have a wood deck, ensure that you have kept up with staining. Staining is important because it seals the wood and protects from the harsher weather elements. If there are soft spots, you very likely have rot and need the deck boards replaced. This can prevent further rot and a full redo in certain circumstances.

Deck Doctor has over 15 years of experience in building and fixing decks. We are fully equipped to identify and provide solutions that will extend the life of your deck and take your through the raining and snowy winter months. Call us today for your free estimate.