Picket Railing

Deck Doctor offers a variety of Aluminum Picket Railing systems which are ideal for the harsh weather conditions we experience in the Interior of BC.

Picket Railing features corrosion resistant aluminum which has been powder coated to provide a durable easily to clean finish. Powder Coating allows for a wide selection of colors and results in a perfectly smooth finish which is more environmentally friendly than conventional paint methods.

Applications for aluminum picket railing include heavy traffic areas for commercial buildings like walkways, stairways, decks, roof tops, pool surrounds, retaining walls, parkades and safety barriers. All are ideally suited for picket railing installations. These locations have strict building codes and guidelines which are easily and affordably managed with picket aluminum railings.

For residential projects picket railing is an ideal product for townhome and condominium developments. It lends a clean modern look that can easily match the exterior paint scheme for a building.  Aluminum railing also offers an extremely low maintenance product. These railing systems are not prone to rust, corrosion, cracking, pealing and chipping easily. The railing is also extremely durable in our climate and suitable for intense sun or heavy snow conditions.

Picket railing can be installed on fascia mounted post or surface mounted posts depending on your building preference. There are several design styles that include;

  • Ornamental Picket Railing
  • Midrail Picket Railing
  • Classic Picket Railing
  • Custom Picket Railing

Picket railing can be cut and manufactured to any length but standard heights include 36 inch and 42 inch railing. Different post options are also available and can include custom design elements like timber or log post construction.

Picket Railing also combines well with glass railing and topless glass railing designs and provides and extra level of safety for areas that require custom fabrication and welds for unique angles and configurations.

For more details on Aluminum Picket Railings for your commercial or residential building project please contact Deck Doctor. We will be happy to provide a quote for new development, home or renovation.

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